Friday, May 26, 2017

Swach Bharat Shooting Garbage As Fine Art Bandra Bazar Road

She said Hold Your Nose

the tragedy of being
firoze god almighty
has shut all doors
a tennis malang of
bandra once a well paid
well laid corporate whore
in a high end fashion store
a single occupation profession
others he had no money to
explore ..garbage as fine art
wont ever seem like an eye sore
humility is lifes essence and core
what god has given is sufficient
why ask for more and implore
said dear friend Meld hold your nose
a visual reawakened the soul of my
poetry ..the mind has so many words
in this computer store ..a lion is a lion
because of its roar ..sometimes a boat
sails on water it needs no oars ,,
photography for me has now become
a domestic chore ..shooting pictures
evolve as stories through revolving doors

this is my 10467 poem at @flickr


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sweet Abigail

I fell in love with a girl Abigail
She had fetish for wearing the veil
Once I got her drunk my sorry tale
Abigail turned out to be male

I almost had a heart fail.
When I saw a beard beneath her veil

Last I heard sweet Abigail is in jail
For card cloning Abigail's real name was Gayle.. Her lovers whom she duped still on her trail.

Cut the Bullshit #Flickr ..You will never give us a photo editor

Verizon will be calling the shots
a murky plot after disappearance
of Aviary gets thicker and thicker
i am happy that i dont speak with
a forked tongue i am certainly
not an asslicker ..nor nose picker

Photo Editor Upgrade

The edit photo feature on the Flickr photo page is currently disabled pending an upgrade.

Very shortly, you’ll have access to a more stable, more feature rich photo editor to complement your Flickr experience!

Sorry for the inconvenience of this unexpected upgrade, but we’re confident it will be worth the wait.

Endangered Specie In Bandra Jesus Hunted By The BMC Mumbai

Jesus was spending his last days at Bandra  peaceful place  BMC wanted to demolish his crosses remove every trace. Hail Mary Full of Grace .

Sonu Nigam Quitting Twitter Is Media National News

Media has no original stories to tell  hit hard by Sonu  Nigam  quitting Twitter they yell.. Celebrity news sells.. Others can go to hell.

Showing Hindu Muslim divide is what they know well  licking the ass of politicians can  Media ever Rebel big bucks holds them in a vicious  spell.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If you can rehabilitate the Victoria operators why not the beef butchers


Good Bye Yahoo The End Is Near

Good bye Ms Marissa Mayer
you tried hard but a sinking ship
to the shores you could not steer
we at Flickr will miss you dear ..
Goodbye Flickr Help wish you
a speedy recovery lots of cheer
We are now under a new master
Verizon Tim Armstrong ,,our new
King Lear ..goodbye to all those
who at Yahoo far and near ..
Goodbye to a Bad Rubbish
Yahoo Copyright ,,useless
wretched pack of lawyer
wannabes who watched impotently
as our pictures got stolen here ..

Welcome Verizon please be kind
considerate human to us Flickr
photographers cream of cream
every photostream..our voices
please do hear ..

Good Bye Yahoo with your
myopic glasses you never read
the writing on the wall that said
in Florescent words of Imagery

The End Is Near ..
You got the big bucks
on our blood sweat and tears .

My parting gift of a pom to  @marissamayer

Hi firoze shakir photographerno1!

Flickr has sent you a message on Flickr.
Subject: Terms of Service Update
Date: May 23rd, 2017

If you haven’t heard, Yahoo plans to sell its operating business, including Flickr, to Verizon Communications Inc. We anticipate the completion of the transaction to occur in June 2017. Upon the completion of this proposed transaction, Yahoo products and services, including Flickr, will be provided by a new Verizon-owned company called Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

In connection with this proposed transaction, Yahoo is updating its Terms of Service. You can review the changes by visiting our Terms of Service

These updated terms will automatically be effective on June 8, 2017, unless you cancel your Yahoo account before then.

That’s it! We look forward to continuing to deliver your favorite products and services.

I joined @Flickr in 2007 as a Pro member
Images ,,426,163 Photos private public

Views Till Now Today On My Flickr Photostream 97442

I sometimes wonder what is there to see on my timeline here at Flickr as my most viewed set Hijras of India over 22000 images is disabled from public view including the set on Crossdressers .

I have used my photography as an instrument of knowledge to show you an India that hardly anyone shoots .I shoot simplicity humility and hospitality of India ,

As a photographer I am a Shia Sufi Hindu Christian but not an atheist ,..I would love to go to Lumbini shoot Buddhism but I dont have the resources ,,

My next trip is to Khamakhya hopefully ..

I have not upgraded my camera since 2011 ,,

However I love to shoot videos ,,stills dont turn me on as videos do..videos take you into the heart soul of what you are shooting it gives you euphoria sense of drama exhilaration lol some cheap thrills too.. and You Tube is a great search engine though I am a Flickr user ,,viewers hardly come here ,,so I use You Tube as my archive of moving images ,

I hate the fucked up You Tube editor I use Windows Movie Maker You Tube is inching towards 7 million mark....I  have about 6300 subscribers .

I thank you all in a way I learnt my craft here at Flickr from all of you each one of you have contributed to my latent creativity ,,once in a while it does bubble up...

I am not as talented as most of you are but my dad always said ..dont ever get tired of learning you will always be a drop in the ocean.

This ocean called Flickr is vast and unfathomable .

The entire Madraswadi Worli residents are watching my Flickr stream ..I shot their Mother Goddess Marriammen and her feast 21 June 2017

Thank you