Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Begging In The Rains , Brother Sister Reflect Their Pain

wheelchair bound in chains
life is miserable but they wont
complain a drunken father
who lies fallen in a drain
a bedridden mother half
insane they beg to survive
husk and grain ..the boy
worked for a fisherman
selling fresh fish outside
the Bandra bazar but
no fishing in the rains
this is life captured by
my camera it wanes

poor miserable toilers
beggars caught between
want and needs
they will always remain

Ten Years Of Flickr Pro

I joined @Flickr as a pro member 10 June 2007 I have uploaded 425000 images public private.
10 years of Flickr.

17.3K geotagged photos
73.9K faves
0 groups

I have pruned my Flickr  friends list I want to follow fewer people  like minded and interactive ,,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rest In Peace Dear Mr Gopinath Sawant Ex PSI Mumbai

This picture was shot at Ganesh Visarjan Lalbagh , it was Mr Gopinath Sawants   72 birthday ,,we were both shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan.
But this evening a photographer friend Sidharth called me up to give me a tragic new that Mr Gopinath Sawant has passed away on 28 May. 2017 .

Mr Gopinath Sawant was once the vice President of my camera club Photographic Society of India Mumbai.

In my early years of photography he was a great help and support ,, he was an avid photographer teacher and mentor to many successful photographers .

I shall miss him..

My condolences to his son daughter and family ,

Om Shanti Om

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Women are captive of their desire

their body and soul
like candle and flame
incongruously on fire
a spirit live wire  ,
breaking the bars of
a prison cell with pliers
still held in incredulous
quagmire birth to death
womanhood a satire
conjoined to a mans soul
who treats her like a
commodity  he never tires
incomplete dreams he sires

once she sat indomitable
in the fiery flames with her
dead husbands lifeless corpse
on a pyre ..dreams aborted
life and times of a bride in
a widows attire ,,

times have changed
but a woman is a woman
even her memory a poem
inspires ...i wont deny her

Friday, June 2, 2017

I shoot garbage as Fine Art

a poem for my Flickr
friend Felip 1 i start
why do I shoot garbage
who will shoot it after i
depart a thought that
saddens me breaks my
heart tell me in your city
do they litter throw garbage
like this or they use a garbage
bin or cart ..

our garbage is an artistic
exploration into the soul of
Man his failings his warts
a journey he must chart

my local representatives
who were elected with our
votes will never see this
its worse than Cupids
poisonous dart ,,
hands folded with slimy
smiles they will come when
their term gets over Bandra
Queen of The Suburbs their
sweetheart ..they hardly care a fart
disillusioned democracy the system
like a computer needs a restart

My Cosmic Rings

My fate is linked to my
cosmic rings to a layman
it means nothing to a mystic
emphatically good luck brings
a whirling dervesh sings

Living and the Dead

Muslim beggar on a mound
a few feet above the ground
beneath her feet is a grave
a body lying safe sound
living and dead bound
i found..her head with
thorns crowned
fate unstopping
loves to pound
color of pain
urban brown


You are born  in the desert of your loneliness even God busy with
#covfefe wont hear your cry,,food for worms when you die