Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fucked Forums of Hate

Fucked Forums of Hate
Androgynous poets
In this hell hole
Rush where angels fear to mate
More hate procreate
Poetics and poetry discussion
Nothing but poets and poetry berate
Bitching back biting everything
But good upbringing sense of humanity negate
Some good poets most third rate
Some over the hill
Some out of date
Some crooked some gay some straight
Some with over bursting prostate
Some seeking entry at St Peters Gate
Some deep down under with
Multi racial trait
Quote Unquote Misquote
Nothing but the color of a mans
Foreskin debate egos inflate
Women poets menopausal
Tired out teeth grate
Endless wait
No mate
Dehydrated vaginal monologues
Customized Ready Maid
Censorship at Poem hunter
Only includes certain words
Rest outdate
Sparing dickheads
Sparring shitheads
Spearing skinheads
Snaring whiteheads
Snoring catheads
Ideal Soul mate
Common cause interrelate
What’s left confiscate
Enfant terrible mental state
Dried up scorched mind energy
As emulsion on a photographic plate
Piss assed pompous poet trait
Ringleaders ball basher’s overseers
Of other poets making
Poem Hunter their personal estate