Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Born in Captivity The Indian Girl Child

This is the Indian beggar girl child , I put my Ajmer pictures on hold, I shoot the girl child every Independance day 15th August , my pictures are unique , not for its inherent pictorial value , but for the thoughts in the mind of my little subject , who think I am crazy , jewelled hands, silver stick , blonde hair, or my quintessential turban to hide my poetic pictorial genius from other denizens that also shoot for the press, distorted reality pictures.. it shames me , high end cameras and low end images.
Photojournalism here in this part of Mumbai sucks..
The same names , the same pictures, no poetry no heart in the story of the picture.
The Indian photojournalist has never heard of makeover , the only makeover is the latest company sponsored digital gizmo...creativity is zilch as in zero...
And my photography goes beyond the eye of the camera , I am a father of a girl child , a more well off girl child but the pangs of girlhood the same, the fears, the futuristic fast forward betrayal , when it comes...
I hope not for this child and my own or any one elses.
I am ashamed , yes I am, when I shoot the pride of my love for the girl child through the colors of my countrys flag, as year after year her life wont change , I have shot 11 year girls and seen them as mothers carrying an extended childhood within their wombs.
My second journal post at Buzznet when I was annointed by My American Muse as a jounaler in scrambled English was on a Girl Child and the flag at St Stanislaus school Bandra I never saw her again.
And last evening all the flag sellers gheraoed me at Turner road and warned me not to shoot the kids with the Flags , this is the beggar mafia, and they all know that I dont sell my images, but I was wild and furious and said I will shoot them come what may.. I dont denigrate my Flag or the girl child.. but the Girl child is very special for me on my Independance day...
And this is my salute to her , under the shadow of the Flag that protects her, I am sure the Youth that will once run this Country will do something to alleviate her quintessential problems of growing up of every girl child.
I dont shoot poverty , the smile on the beggar girld child face is her godliness , her wealth and the chastity of her Womanhood.
This morning I shot pictures near St Josephs Convent Bandra , I am hoping to do a series and than revert to my Ajmer trip.
I post today what will be stale by tommorow morning.,..I must thank all at Bloggerspot , and the word verification, a punishment I was made to undergo.. for no fault of mine and yet every post of mine has an anonymous asshole trying to sell me a dream that only exists as car wash in America.
And one day perhaps Mr Biz Stone whom I admire will send me an email who let The Blogs of Photographerno1 out.
And I hope he returns safely from the high seas on the cybernetic seaworthiness of his Yacht.
Mr Brandon Stone without whose guidance I would have never reached the pebbled shores of Bloggerspot and Buzznet ,.
I do not want my pictures of Pain to be sold in the Temple of Commerce...
I am an amateur photographer ... as a senior citizen I should be given the privilige of showing lifes seamlessness without any encumberance.. that was given to me by Mr Steve Haldane at Buzznet for free Buzznet never charged me for upgrades.
5 lac 70000 hits on my homesite tells you that folks do visit me .

Monday, August 14, 2006

And now Flickr has become my homesite by default.

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....