Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Games that Poets Play

A poet is Gods conscience
He describes through words Gods
Godliness extracting the beauty
Of nature mind and men
Rivers running through his pen
Metaphors, hidden unhidden
A poet crushed by financial burdens
Alimony divorce remorse all possible
Ball crushing emotions still speaks sense
Poems are giving back to God
What God gave to men
So it surprises me the contemporary poet
When he rubbishes poetry and talks non sense
I don’t have to be a Ginsburg Amichai Neruda
I don’t need to be Anselm Adam when I see
The world I live in through my lens
I write words as they flow from
My consciousness a world different from yours
So you pompous bag of air why do you take offense?
Matter over mind so dense.
Living in the glory of a Past Tense .
Unlearn the art of living and giving
Before you try mending a fence.
Come out from beneath the mask of you poetic pretense
What more can I say of your multi color hate
Is this not enough in my defense.