Friday, April 8, 2011

Marziya Shakir Photographerno1 - 3 Year Old

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When I gave Marziya my camera to shoot Sakshi the girl in the pink dress they all laughed but the moment Marziya raised the lens upwards and lit the flash on their faces they all looked at her in sheer surprise.

Marziya is good but is getter better every day, she is confident , the weight of the camera and swinging the lens upwards does not really bother her she shoots vertical frames too, but shooting the Nikon D80 is child's play , what matters is looking at the image on the camera back.. which is what Marziya does after every frame she shoots.

Last evening was Marziyas day out with the camera she shot my barber I also made her stand on the vacant chair to shoot him, this is the birth of Marziya Shakir Photographerno1.