Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Bawa at Ali Maulah Dhuni Dharavi

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Sufism is a message of peace and love and humanity ..a profound aspect of one of the pages of Islam..and it is this human quality that bought me to its midst..Ajmer Sharif changed my life it gave a new meaning to my restless soul..and you will understand this poetically if you read this as poetry through my pictures of Ajmer Sharif on Flickr..

I must narrate an incident , I will corroborate it with pictures later , I was going to Sanpada for some work with my son and my help,I thought of taking a train from Kurla so we hired a ricksha and I was wearing my leopard skin printed pants , jacket and turban..I was sitting on the edge but yet as we came towards Kurla on the other side of the road I saw a huge statue of Lord Shiva , I had passed it but asked the rick to take a U turn , and I shot this ..so sometimes even Gods meet man on crossroads of Life..though God could not save me from the vengeance of a Man..a setback I will bear in silence..and Mr Rajat Rawail might have read my thoughts in spite of my silence..that is if he ever reads this.. which I doubt.

Life is a metaphor , it affects us , differently as per our mental make up and temperament...a blog is a black unknown zone it conspires to add dimensions where no dimensions exist..

The pictures I shot today might burst forth after I finish my pending back log, of Mahim Urus pictures.. the pictures shot today are still in the camera..