Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Hijda Bawa

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She should act in movies she is perfect , she kept making poses as I shot her on the foodlane at Mahim, I was returning from Maulah Alis Dargah Dharavi barefeet with Faruq Baba with the snake stick..

Firstly she upbraided me for not giving her the copies of pictures I had shot of her at Haji Malang, she sells gemstones is a Hijra Bawa too..

androgynous apparition
in tantric solutions
to your languishing libido
she trades
your sexual capacity
to last longer
she upgrades
up and down
a sea of spirituality
she wades
dua tawiz for
those who get laid
the hijra bawa
she calls a spade a spade
paroxysms of passion
all ready made
pictures as memories
you die they dont fade