Monday, October 8, 2007

Hung High Strung

Hung High Strung
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
A new dawn
A new hope
The world
That kept
As Iraq burnt
No new lesson learnt
Are hurt
To see the Great Sunni Martyr
Dangling by the Rope
Eyes that have gone myope
A cauldron simmering
Brew Bush Blair a face saving Pope
Manuel II Paleologus forgotten
At the Turkish Mosque the Blue Dome
Memory is short lived
At much needed times does elope
In today’s world battle ridden
Through the eyes of a bioscope
In the darkness it is the aromatic ass
the voluptuous tits of Truth
That we lasciviously grope
A world going to the dogs
Peace by piece
Bad days outnumbering the
Good in our hellish horoscope
Saddam Hussain at the doors
Of Saint Peters hoping
To see the other two also
on a tight rope
blog stats at word press
on an uprising slope
a monitor keyed
to a sloppy television soap.
Internetted couch potato mope
Kinetic cybernetic kaleidoscope