Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ajmer Sharif Calls Me One A Year

holding my beggars
bowl of blood sweat
tears humbly bowed
head i come here to
 a holy saint of saints
of the poor the beggars
his loving children
he holds them dear
their love for him
pristine sincere
he is their host of
host awesome
him from the
depths of your
heart verily
he appears
to your barren
life he adds
cheers ..

on his high gates embedded
as eternal hope salvation
words very clear...hanging
like a chandelier

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

what you see is what you hear ,,