Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Beggar Muslim Woman Wont Celebrate Eid

as the namazis pray
invoking allah
she invokes allah too in
humility she pleads
to get more charity
so her hungry children
she can feed
in the hot sun
different strokes
different needs
the same religion
the same creed
mans original sin
was always his
primary greed
its only man
in the name of god
that makes another
man bleed
here i pay
tribute to fatwas
that on the phone
you can divorce
your legal wife
in a second
of a nano speed
whether she hears
or hears not
whether it is cross
curse the soul
of muslim womanhood
born in slavery
to produce children
breast feed
used abused
on the roads
she begs dirtied
if only only
she had
learnt to
write and read
her soul
she could
 have freed
her fate
how could
she succeed
when the end
comes in an
unmarked grave
her husband
takes another woman
the circle of deceit
muslim beggar
womans life complete

 talaq talaq talaq on eid