Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Are Human Before We Are Muslim

yes i was born of blood..
blood veils my face
a heritage
of my shia race
a faith in ahle bait
till death embrace
time and evil tide
could not delete could not erase
karbala on my hearts living space
allah ho akbar
its followers a big disgrace
the glory of true Islam of Peace and Brotherhood
you cannot replace
we live let others live
by Allahs grace
scriptures of love
that the jehadis deface
rogue mullahs
martyred misguided
descecrating the
sanctity of a masjid
a madrassa or any holy place
jehadi terrorism is out of place
give each other breathing space
dont make Islam
into Terrorist Army base
mutual coexistence
the only face saving
coup de grace
we are human before we
are Muslims in any case
only a dickhead would
call me stupid
because I bleed my face