Sunday, November 6, 2011

Father of Terrorism - Lanatullah Yazid

photo shot by dr glenn losackmd

the butcher of karbala
son of a serpent seed
father of terrorism
lanatullah yazid
wealth of Islam
to usurp
with his evil deed
slaughtering humanity
with his misdeed
Hussain gave his head
for his life
he did not plead
from the front
with 72 braves
astride on zuljana
he did lead

har kaum pukaregi
hamare hain hussain
yes indeed
karbala the killing field
against yazidiyat
hussainiyat did not yield
protecting the holy prophets bayt
he did succeed
our blood letting
a protest 1400 year old
against terrorism
is the core of shiasm
ghame hussain
is all we need
a path of peace towards
our holy creed
a wave as much as you stop
will never recede

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