Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simran Dancer Brazilian Samba

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There are a handful of hijra dancers that would put all Bollywood choreographers to shame and if the Hijra dancer entered Bollywood the Bollywood high paid over rated choreographers would have to shut shop... I say this with conviction.. I am not dancer but yes I do the Kaif the whirling trance of the Sufis ..

There are three dancers in Hijraland totally mystifying and they are Gina Khushi from Mumbai and transgender Simran.

They are unique sheer ecstasy to watch even if you have two left feet..I am not a writer being a poet of sorts so its tough describing in words the mystery of the hijra dance..

I have been lucky I shot Simran Gina and Khushi from Mumbai over the years..dancing their way into poets hearts too.

I have been lucky I shot the Hijra mujra dance the hijra snake dance the Hijra Yellamma devdasi dance ..
Even my guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is a gifted Oddissi Bharatnatyam dancer classical to the core.

I have shot the Rajasthani hijra dance too.

The best hijra dance takes place privately I have shot this mostly at Haji Malang and though I was not allowed to use flash I shot it to the best of my ability.

The hijra dance at Gopal Haji hijra sandal before the procession is beautiful with Babita mother of hijra children Mona and Nandini taking center stage.

I have not had the opportunity of shooting the hijra bar dancers at work but I shall shortly.. very soon.

Hijra birthday parties is about dance no booze no drugs just hijra dance and uninhibited trance and joy.

Salma the hijra activist is a sublime Indian classical dancer and the other person I dont know her name from Pune is a Lavini hijra dancer.I have shot her extensively at Haji Malang.

The older lot of Hijra gurus are classical hijra gharana dancers and play Indian classical instruments too the harmonium ..there are hijra s who play the sitar and sarod too,.

The most amazing out of the world acrobatic to the core is Gina after that Khushi and finally in the same breath Simran dancer.

Hijras do the cabaret dance too I shot Muskaan at the All India Hijda Sammelan..

And all this hijra essence of dance I have captured from their body language and stories they told me..

Heena is a good hijra dancer too Megha Naina Raveena Balan to name a few..

The hijra Siddi dancer Zeenat and Basanti the gypsy hijra dancers are sights to see when they dance at Ajmer during the Urus.