Saturday, April 16, 2011

The School Called Street

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marziya sees a man
without hands without feet
the school of wisdom
the school called street
in her own child's way
why he like her
was not complete
he had eyes
mouth nose and teeth
but why this pain
did god bequeath
a human stump
of a tree
no roots beneath
a living corpse
amidst a wreath
a blunt broken
rusty sword
without a soul
within a sheath

16 April 2011

This was shot on 7 0ctober 2009 Marziya was a month away from her second birthday and I had taken a risk bringing her here without telling her mom and my wife both would have blown a fuse had I told them I was taking her to St Michael Church Mahim , I took a chance I wanted to see as a street photographer in waiting the real life on the streets of pain and despair..

I spotted Appu , Marziya cant she is too tiny I gave her twenty bucks and told her give it to the person there she looked at me walked ahead and straight away handed it over to Appu my best friend.,. this is Marziyas street intuitiveness she sees pictures before they will become photographs this is the essence of street photography.. pure and pristine..street photography is like an ocean, it stretches beyond the horizon of time and space and beyond the limitations of the human eye.

Marziya is gifted we all know it..but she is not special she is a normal who plays with her dolls her leg go all alone she is imagines she talks and she converses with the other side .. that she sees not anyone else.

She will take the miniature toy camera place her doll on a stool pretend taking pictures changing her perspective and the angle of the doll with subject to light.. hard to believe but than some photographers bring the gift of photography from their mothers womb.