Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Am A Pauper My Pictures My Poems I Dont Sell

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jean marc gargantiel

I am a severe diabetic
incorrigible romantic
I play by ear and smell
I get tired out physically
poetically I am far too well
As a tailor I stitch clothes
my profession my death knell
I gave credit I got fucked
my life in a nutshell
but yes though
I am a princely pauper
dressed like one
My pictures my Poems
I dont sell
I wont be publishing
a Hijra Coffee Table Book
or write a poetry book
or a novel
om mani padme hoon
when I die
I will surely be missed
by my best friend
from Buzznet Benn Bell
there are others too
I can tell
who would be happy
to see my Shia Soul
burning in a Wahabbi Hell
no more uploading pictures
at flickr
no more crossblogging
to blogspoot wordpress
google buzz as well
no more facebook friends
not even the woman
I love who in another
mans heart dwells
I have deleted her
from my fucked
she can bring me
back from my
unmarked grave
with her magic spell

You Telecom
My Internet Service Provider
will miss me too
a cause searching for a rebel
I bid them all farewell

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