Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hassan Ganda - Don Jaun Bawa

Over the years my visits to the few dargahs I have been to during Urus time I met a lot of weirdo bawas , kinky bawas crazy bawas , but none like the sauve sphisticated Hassan Ganda bawa.

He is delight to watch and shoot , his encounters with women who pursue him in the nights in the fields to sleep with him , just to father a child is unbelievable , but Hassan does not lie and man woman nature has its shortcomings too..

Hijras he keeps at arms length , he is a peacock a conceited pigeon , and because I listen to his stories that he has repeated so many times he likes me.. we bond well ..

He is a perfect model for the kind of pictures I shoot.. I told him I would take him to my shop dress him in an Italian cut suit and he was furious as though I had insulted him..he cooled down immediately...the bawas are like little children you handle with kids gloves.

He has taken my visiting card and come what may I am as crazy as he is I will shoot him in a western suit...ha ha

Having lived with wild animals in the jungles all his life he is as wild in temperament and thought..I have never shown him a single picture of his and one day he told me at the Dhuni - Ye Bhenchod Internet kya bala hai..

.I have promised to take him to a cybercafe and show him all his pictures via Google Search..

And Glenn Losack has promised to give him big green backs for lifting a 50 kg stone with his member.. ha ha