Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Bandra East Indians Last Stand

where he lived for ages
his bungalow will go
in its place a tower will
stand the poor east indian
caught between the church
the builder puts up his hand
to get rid of him it was so
planned bandra has lot
its only brand no more
de montes gomes
no more east indian clans
poor guys homes
bulldozed uprooted
sent to uttan vasai
nallaspora distant lands
chimbai chium bazar road
waroda road chapel road
will soon change hands
tears on the soul of humanity
memories turned into
woeful wastelands

I have lived with the East Indians as a tenant at Veronica street , than I lived with them as neighbors at 21 De Monte Street and they are vanishing.. leaving behinds dreams that I shot as pictures of pain...
And the Church hastily put in Render To Caesar What Belongs To Caesar and to God What Belongs to God.. the Church turned its back on its own people as the Exodus began.. towards distant land leaving behind their forefathers in the St Peter Cemetery or the varios cemeteries on Church land.