Monday, February 21, 2011

Nisha From Delhi Calls Me Firoze Bhai

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I know her since many years , the most human kind courteous hijra in the world, she mantains her dignity and stays at a house of a family at Haji Malang..

Nisha is the HIjra mother I shot breast feeding a child the only daring picture at my photo stream, and it was to show you the pangs of misplaced motherhood, the cravings to produce a child.

Hijras still make good mothers I know hijras who have adopted eunuch or normal children given them a god decent life and changed the destiny that the biological parent could never have done.

Nisha is the first hijra I spoke to she has been a hijra since 20 years , what drove her to become a hijra .. it was pain her feminine nature and domestic problems.

She ran away joined the hijras but lives on her own terms.
And she calls me her brother dotes on me and rebukes me for walking barefeet , as she is aware of my diabetes.

Nisha wont eat till she has fed me with her own hands now I am crying as I write this I have 4 sisters but we moved away .. to far to ever come to terms with our lives.

So I tell Nisha to stop calling me Firoze Bhai I hate sisaters and that is it.

But Nisha being Nisha wont give up, if given the chance she would clean my dirty feet too and this is a sincere relationship based on human faith.

So now you know why I shoot Hijras I am as human human or more human than they are.

Even the children of the house where she stays call her Mummy.. and it is a small tiny dark cottage on the main road close to Sultan Shah Babas dargah.

I dont have Nishas mobile number, she has my business card but never calls me but if she sees me either heree or at Ajmer Sharif than she drags me to see that I eat.

My eating during such trek is miserable I survive on tea and batawada nothing else.

So when I shot Nisha I shot her world her hopes all easily visible in her eyes.. though my own eyes are completely moist writing all this.