Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dont Touch Me

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she lay on the bed
drawing claw like
nails dont
touch me she said
slithering sensuality
turning her face red
she a hot
blooded pathan
nubile nebulously
nocturnal her look
tore me to shred
but when I switched
on the light
I almost dropped dead
she was a transvestite
a tail you have read
through my earlier poems
now continued ahead
I told her in no easy
terms it was not possible
for me to get wed
from her boudoir
like a bird in flight
in oxymoron haste
I fled and caught
up with my friends
at cafe Leopold
joel posey roland
good old fred
I told them my
love story
bullet holes
on my ass
bullet holes

the transvestites tale continues the beauty from across the border i had one night met on the internet a one night stand more body less head ...a Barmecides feast minus the spread

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