Saturday, July 31, 2010

Excavating A Dead Poets Grave

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he was a road bound
gutter bred poet
he wrote pictorially
poems on the internet
he had not been published
in paper back or hardbound
no coffee book yet
he died a violent death
he came under
a hand cart
they hastily
buried him
in an open gutter
almost missing
the communal toilet
bevda municipal grave diggers
are now searching
for his grave to pay
him tribute
for all he gave free
his blood poetry and sweat
marc zuckerburg
has offered a suitable
reward for leaking
his profile with regret
a facebook poet of mumbai
no hijab no jesus poetry
no hijra poetry
just a faint line
his spiritual
at flickr
at twitter
he came
he saw
he went
in the reader
the viewers debt
a room with a view
to let my last will
my poetic testament

to my dear friend rajiv soni for his support he was in mumbai yesterday but we never met , rajiv was busy interviewing a bollywood poetess