Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Hijab A Dress Code Overblown

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Randy Der so much bullshit about a womens choice of clothing...its more fear mongering from the west to the east..

as a liberal modern day living muslim
i feel the hijab a dress code overblown
the muslim woman wears the hijab
its the western world that takes offense
loves to groan and moan
perhaps they are scared it might
become a fashion statement
their women would love to own
fully covered from head to toe
within the silhouette of the hijab
a woman not alone this
could be the only reason
why they want to criminalize it
burn it ban it bury it
beneath a tombstone
the hijab a fury of their
fear psychosis hits
them like a cyclone
bad governance
economic problems
on the back burner
its the hijab
for their own sins
they want it to atone
the hijab the only garment
they are far too scared to clone
the hijab the muslim womans
safety zone spiritual enlightenment
not willing to be dethroned
the hijab beyond the danger zone