Friday, August 6, 2010

You Are What Your Parents Made You

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I gave Marziya money and before I could tell her something she was rushing to give the same to the homeless beggar on Bandra Hill Road .

And as a child has been toilet trained so has Marziya been trained to see feel observe pain.
But much of all this was there much before she was trained it was her heritage and her parentage is what she displays through her actions that I have documented as a street photographer.

At least I have clicked clicked clicked a childs story from the day she was born till date on Flickr 11000 picture private and public tell her story I have kept nothing back, I want Marziya to see all this once I am dead and gone.

Very few of us remember our child hood , I was lucky I had a camera and time and love to shoot her growth and through her growth my own.

And so I share her life and the life of the people around her to show you the dominance of pain above all things.

Now this beggar is a very sad tale I dont know what is his story, whether it is booze or plain bad luck, I have passed his way once once but as alcoholic I was saved before I fell in the gutters like him by my family ..

So when I expose Marziya to pain , I know she can handle it she is highly gifted and very perceptive.

And Marziya is only the sutradahar in pictures I have shot of her here the protagonist is the man and his circumstances.

Marziya is the thread that binds my soul to the street poetry of life.

Because I have a camera with me all times I am able to capture fleeting moments of pain , even those who are dead are alive on my Flickr posts.

your REPETITIVE IMAGES of the same style/ nature/ content and your "gibberish" poems are really SPAM. Also, you are not a "PHOTOGRAPHER". You are just a "Propagandist". You always tell about "Street Photography", as if you are the Master of it. Have you ever seen the Photographs of the Masters - Henri Cartier-Bresson etc. And, what "positive" results have been born out of your SPAM IMAGES & POEMS?

But, what about you? Just Clicking, Clicking, Clicking... Just an UTTER WASTE. "Give Respect, and take Respect". Humility, my friend, is a "Virtue".

its true completely true
i write gibberish
that gets you
like a home made
country brew
maybe because
you dont
like Muslim bloggers
hate you spew
satheesh balachandran
you are what
your parents made you
muslim hating
it hurts
me to say
this but
your words
that comes through
my poems my pictures
were not meant for you
schizophrenic metaphysical
menopause that plagues you
it is just because i write in English
not Urdu that upsets you
sleepless nights you
spent building a blog
but you learnt nothing new
humility humanity
you dont have
viciousness is
your only home
grown virtue
i pity your parents
who created you
they should
'have flushed
you in the toilet
as an embryo
but unfortunately
they did not
get around to
back waters of kerala
herbal oil massage
might cure you
to be not not to be
says the mallu
from brain damage
swine flu

yes its sad but you are what your parents made you...