Friday, August 6, 2010

Adding Friends on Facebook Is A Pain In The Arse

I normally go about with my postings on Facebook , I try not to send chain mail or write on peoples wall unless it is their birthday.I wish everybody on their birthday those on my friends list as a habit.

I got a message from a pseudo literary book seller who allegedly works on commission for the books he sells he sent me message , telling me to visit his blog , I sent him a message to remove my tag from the message as I get inundated with unnecessary notifications and the person concerned took offense and this is from a guy who does not even have the balls to show himself in on his profile thumbnail..

My message to him in sheer good faith and his reply I paste here so you know I am not the only spammer or weirdo at least I dont sell books , or my poems or my pictures and fuck Cartier Bresson I shoot what I shoot..

But yes I pimp my blogs and poems on Facebook and Twitter ..without shoving my ass up somebody's nostrils.

If you find my blogs irritating you you should block me in the beginning , you should remove me from your Feeds but than 80% hardly know how to use Facebook in the first place they think Facebook is another micro blog like Twitter.

My message when he tagged me in his fucked chain message..

Firoze Shakir August 5 at 8:34pm

Dear Satheesh Balachandran

If you cud remove the tag from your chain message .. i am already deep into notifications thanks ..i would prefer you send me one to one message next time nothing personal

His reply to me .. I give it a literary shelf life removing his link of course...

August 5 at 9:30pm
hey, what kind of a person are you? You didn't even "VISIT" my BLOG. You didn't even "explore" what it is. My BLOG and the FB Group were created over a period of 2 years. Many sleepless nights were spent into the making of it.

his website at babel.fucked, something like that

/Library of Babel/ {in the process of "being built"}
A Digital or Virtual LIBRARY comprising of Free "eBooks" ~ Articles ~ Discussions ~ Posts ~ Links ~ Photos ~ Videos about "AUTEUR" Films ~ FICTION ~ Poetry ~ Arts & Literature ~ Theatre ~ Philosophy ~ Psychology ~ Music ~ Science ~ Culture etc.

More than 500 eBooks (Classics & Contemporary) are uploaded there. Anybody could download them totally FREE. Till now, more than 1,200 "Downloads" had been done. And many "distinguished"/ Notable people "praised" me for this "Herculean Task". No "notifications" are being sent from my BLOG. If anybody is interested, they have to come there. If you are a person without any "Liteary Background/ Interests", that's not my fault. You could have kept "mum", rather than sending that "sarcastic" message.

As for notifications and SPAM, Your REPETITIVE IMAGES of the same style/ nature/ content and your "gibberish" poems are really SPAM. Also, you are not a "PHOTOGRAPHER". You are just a "Propagandist". You always tell about "Street Photography", as if you are the Master of it. Have you ever seen the Photographs of the Masters - Henri Cartier-Bresson etc. And, what "positive" results have been born out of your SPAM IMAGES & POEMS? Kalki Subramaniam is working hard, all over India, with a systematic and proper "Agenda". And, many "positive" and "productive" results have been born out of it. But, what about you? Just Clicking, Clicking, Clicking... Just an UTTER WASTE. "Give Respect, and take Respect". Humility, my friend, is a "Virtue".

Sorry, I can no more "accommodate" you in my friends' list. And also, I have to CLEAR my page from your SPAM.

I 'am disconnecting you, BYE.

/Library of Babelfucked / {in the process of "being built"}

So this is the kind of trash you put up with on Facebook from time to time.. and people who add me without profile or without a message I have decided not to add at all, unless they have a mutual contact I am happy with the existing friends list ..

If there was a way of choking my Facebook comment box I would do it without batting an eye lid, like I have done at Flickr.

I dont hit back at people or racially abuse them or write adverse comments on what they post.

I give respect I deserve respect..

And imagine he gets upset after I send him a message instead of writing my ire on his wall ..

But I am happy he did read me after all...

I have reported both his messages to me as Spam.

Does he hate me because I am a Muslim blogger is something he should ask himself..