Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Come Back From Haji Malang Urus 2010

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As mentioned earlier this was a sandal that passed Bandra Bazar Road during the celebrations of Maulana Baba Urus Bandra Compound .

I came down with Marziya and shot a few pictures , I had to hold her tight as the crowds kept pushing us , in this crowd I made Marziya shoot the sandal too, you will have a tough time finding out the ones she shot and among those I shot,,and crowds dont intimidate Marziya at all.

The Rafaee acts wee directed by a Rafaee master called Nasir Bhai of Dongri..

I have just arrived from Haji Malang I missed the Urus but shot the Hijras and the Dhamal last night ..

Tonight I was the Urus of Sultan Shah Baba but I left the Malangad mountains at 2 pm and reached my house at 7.30 pm , I walked the mountains barefEet both ways while going up and while going down..And I did not carry my diabetic medicine other ..but I did the Whirling Dervesh Kaif for the first time in my life it just came out of the blue when the Qawal recited Bhar Dhe Jholi Meri Ya Mohmed Tete Ghar Se Na Jaoonga Khali.. I fell on the floor outside the dargah and came into my senses later after sometime..

I shot the Mehfil of my Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi two nights back and she has taken a solemn vow to visit and see Marziya ..and I presented her a unique silver stick this morning..

Kamini was not there but a new Khushi Hijra took everyone breath away ..there was her partner called Kareena hijra and both are amazing mind blowing dancers ..

Last night I shot the Sandal of Gopal Haj and Babita and the Hijras of Najafgad. and at 11.30 pm I shot the Siddi Dhamal, hardcore body piercing of the various Rafaee chowks..I presnted two silver rings to both Malangs of Karnataka, who are heads of their Chowk at Haji Malang

I came down the Malangad mountains with Sonu Hijra from Arab Gully.,.she has promised to introduce me the mot famous hijra mujra dancers of Mumbai..

So wait and watch..

I came down skipping the Sultan Shah Baba Sandal at Haji Malang to see Marziya..

And I must mention my Haji Malang shoot was only possible because of Kumar and Abhijeet Ketkar Hindu khadims of the Holy Shrine..and my florist friend Sakib.

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