Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Shias of Hyderabad

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From 8 Moharam till Ashura - the Shias of Hyderabad dont sleep as some thing or the other is always happening , some majlis , some ritual , and these carry on back to back.

The night before Ashura there was a procession at the Shia cemetery Mir Mousavi which got over pretty late , and early morning the following day people were either going to the Bibi Ka Alawa or coming to the Bargah for Ashura 2009.

The Hyderabadi Shia is a rare breed for him Ghame Hussain is the ultimate , his life his familys life revolves around this which collectively is known as Azadri e Hussain.

The Hyderabadi Shia is a peace loving , law abiding and stays on his side of the fence.

His black clothes are his brandy equity..his curfew pass so to speak, he is never hassled by the cops at all.

They know his motive his life's goal is Moharam and Azadari..the month of sublime pain for the Shias all over the world.

His cry of pain Ya Hussain Katle Shor

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