Friday, August 31, 2007

a poem called allen james Farewell

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I would agree with the context of this fine poem....but we need to keep in mind how hard it is to be considered acceptable in today’s racist world. It must be even harder for someone like him who still even at his advanced age struggles with both penis envy issues and cross dresses in plaids.
Revolutionary American poet Ted Sheridan .

What I have noticed in all your work is that that you respect and have a great knowledge of all religions. Thanks Firoz. I really appreciate this.
Leonard Daranjo

You seem to come across a lot of racism, except my sympathy? You express yourself greatly, though, and we seem to share an opinion that people should get what they deserve, haha. Enjoyed.
-Kylie M. Lynch
Finest poet. on cyberspace

we all suffer in unimaginable ways
yoonus peerbocus
tagore of Mauritius

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from allen james Saywell
I dont know what to say except you a one sick dude, you really are screwed up
didnt'' you like my limeric

Warm regards AJS

When age catches up with you
And your claustrophobic mind
Clogged with hateful stones
Starts turning to gravel
The turning point
Of a poem within a poem
A thought I can’t say well
Its time to pack you bags
To the kind world say farewell
Your racist ruminations
As poems of hate comments
Limericks you did bare well
Grounding and gnashing
Your dentures your
Spiteful jaws your
Hate for this peace loving
Bombay poet
you prince of evil
your satanic soliloquy
you could not mask well
God Jeohavah Allah Brahma
Has reserved your berth in Hell
Out of your flesh that you
Leave behind the aborigines
Plan to make a lamp shade
To light their world well
Out of you plaids that you
Leave behind an Indian
Bald Eunuch plans to look well
Your bones they plan to crush
With the oil cure arthritis
Painful joints that don’t work well
Out of your diseased testicles
The old widow’s home
plans to make a doorbell
So you won’t ever be forgotten
Ill begotten poem within a poem
A poem called allen james Farewell

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Poem: 8092644 - a poem called allen james Farewell
Member: Leonard Daranjo

Comment: Out of your diseased testicles
The old widow’s home
plans to make a doorbell
So you won’t ever be forgotten

I simply love these lines. What a way to achieve immortality. Firoz, you are a master craftsman with words - there is no denying that.

Take care