Monday, October 29, 2007

I Am A Hindustani Muslim

I Am A Hindustani Muslim
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

This is an old poem, I was targetted by Shia hardliners or Shia Wahhabis, and all because somebody had hacked into my Buzznet site and put porn pictures, the site was frozen for investigation.. I was threatned and in a single night frustrated with photo blogging I deleted 11000 blogs..

I shoot Naga Sadhus doing Ling Kriya
Post their pictures on my site
Does that mean I am not a good Shia
I shoot Hijdas post them on my site
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
Trans gendered Singaporean Priya
Does that mean I am not a good Shia
Somebody posts dirty pictures on my site
The whole world in Lucknow goes mama mia
Does that mean I am not a good Shia
For my faith I was born in a land
The Imam loved..I weep, my Karbala a dropp of tear
Does that mean I am not a good Shia
Yes I am a Hindustani Muslim
Mutual Coexistence with Hindus
About which I am very clear
What right do you have
To judge me whether I am a good or a bad Shia.
Be Man don’t play God …before you pass judgment
My side too you must hear
Rabble rousing mediocre emotions
God make me a Kaffir..
My birthright threatened as a Shia.
I am a photojournalist, a poet photographer
a human maturity of thought
do not sneer…

firoze shakir photographerno1