Monday, October 1, 2007

The Great Bandra Hell Road

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Says the Municipality .. we are in a culling process no sportsmen for the Gen Next we want the future kids to all become Politicians .. the best healers of a country, politicians dont need sports grounds at all..
Politicians start from grass root level talk swadeshi , vande matram , the best slogans , and take the country forward.. imagine a world without politicians .. it would become a morgue.. that is becomes one later after politics is not part of this blog curriculum..And politics has become the main force that strengthen the caving walls of religions , education and hospitals.

Every minister has his own Educational Institution is coincidental to this article .
Politicians play game , mind games dirty games and we dont need sports grounds.. and honestly where there are sports grounds they become havens of political jamboree..every party wants to show its political strength.. Politics is about freedom fighting , going to jail taking caning from cops and later on shunting the same cops to Naxalbari regions.. they come back in empty caskets .. body yet to be found..

So Fr Larwrie has to do a rethink the municipality is also a political arena.. it calls the shot at grassroot level...Youth wings that kill professors in cold blood, blacken the faces of their not too favorite teachers.. attempt to rape case on celibate principals..How can you not groom more wilier and more crooked politicians.. imagine a few years from now the best politicians all from St Stanislaus school.. What happened to those green grounds and the sprinklers and the cavorting of the crows... that is now a road the great Bandra Hell Road..and what about St Peters Road it is a flyover connecting Bandra Reclamation.. via Waroda Road Veronica road and Chapel Road..
And what happened to Mehboob Studios .. it is the new college of Municipal H ward Politics..and Patel stores has become Poor Stale Stores .. Good Luck restaurant .. there luck ran out...