Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Encounter with The King Cobra
This is the picture I have just dowloaded of my trip to the Vasai Fort see, the size the single eye, of the snake I was not sure I has captured it in my camera, this is shot with a 50mm lens Nikon1.4 on the Nikon D70 body, after I saw his eye he just hid his face from me, I tried to bring him out in the open I threw a small stone, used a twig but he enjoyed himself…undisturbed , I guess he is about seven feet.
I am not an expert on snakes and presumed its a Cobra.

When I came out of the fort premises I saw a temple that had a board I had not seen while entering Naagraj Mandir, Temple of the King Cobra.

I would have definitely stepped on him… as I was shooting an arch and going backwards, he was a about a two feet behind me… it was not my day anyway…

April 17th, 2007

He was beautifully comouflaged , he was not a damin or a I had seen his cobra face...