Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fear in a Muslim Girls Eyes

hijab is not only a garment
a muslim women wears
to protect her modesty
from male eyes
hijab is hope
when all hope dies

now see my picture
the little muslim girl
see the frightning fear
in her eyes
what lies beneath
those eyes
eyes in a male dominated
muslim society
side by side
fatwas on the crest
of disharmony ride
a muslim girls fears
before she takes on
the mantle of a bride
hope in allah as her guide
she who was once her
parents pride
if she gets a rotten husband
than life no short of suicide
on the roads , near mosque and dargah
for her child herself beg provide
yes a muslim girls eyes in my picture
are terrified .
she might still be able to
save herself if she was skilled
educated qualified
but women are women
hands tied
torturing them
triple talak
the means the ends
all justified.
this was not what He
Allahs Chosen One
had prophesized
Muslim Women
a choked stream
waiting to
to touch the riverside.

I am a father of a girl child…I as a street photographer shoot pain protected by the Hijab..without the Hijab it would have been a far greater pain..
These are my personal views identifying with what I see…inspite of wearing glasses sometimes…

May 1st, 2007