Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Crow Man of Carter Road

I think crows are more intelligent than man, the blog goddess kept a crow as a pet that loved shitting on my bald head..
The crows wait for this man, he never fails them he is always on time , he brings ghatya and feeds them without reservation..
He has named the more friendliers ones , there is Sharukh Khan that stutters while it caws , no dont think I am pulling a fast one I swear it sounds like Kirannnnnnn..
Than there is a robust healthy one, he this gentleman calls Sallu Bhai, aka Salman Khan...this guy really is pushy and is humping almost all the female starlet crows..
than there is Govinda , this crow is now making a healthy comeback.. a little ahead there are two madly in love crows they sit on the bungalow Naievedya that belongs to Abhiash Bachchan..they avoid this part of the pedestrian promenade completely...
He was going to tell me about the other crows John, Vivek, Saif ,but I was in oxymoron haste , so I left him alone in company of the cacophonic crows.. but he did show me a buxom one all black as though dressed in an alluring feather bUrkha , he said she is the ultimate Mallika Sherawat..the moment he uttered this word another female crow started creating a telivision serial scene...he told me softly ignore her she loves publicity ..that is Rakhee Sawant for you..
I could not resist and finally asked him what about the Shetty Goddess crow.. Oh Shilpa
he said has migrated to UK ...with a sigh..some unfinished uneaten crumbs of Ghatiya in his hand..
This is photoblogginng when I talk, when I post pictures and keep quiet it is called Unlearning Photography..