Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Sleep of the Rag Pickers of Bandra Reclamation

This was shot at 5 .35 am the light is not good and the mobile phone just records a thought without getting caught in the loopholes of good or bad photography .

This morning after I had shot this picture I saw a story in the newspapers with the Minister and Mr Kirit Somiaya and the Kanjur Marg dumping grounds .. and I thought about the ragpicker who mostly are drug addicts , majority of them doing  yeomen service that lazy apathetic Mumbai Municipality does not do even after being paid for it by the taxpayers money.
And did the Minister and Mr Kirit Somaiya talk about rehabilitating the ragpickers of Mumbai , trying to change their life making them more professional ..I hardly think so it was about dumping of garbage in Mr Kirit Somaiyas constituency and not about the miserable life of ragpickers .

And I feel sorry some of us who are amateur photographers , wannabe writers ,have ample time for Facebook Twitter but no time for serious Citizen Journalism.. and big pompous money making blogging platforms talking about blogging but never about Original Content or Citizen Journalism..It saddens me and I too am highlighting areas of darkness in Bandra Reclamation to my local representatives who are more happy with demolishing Mr Sharukh Khans illegal rmpand there is so much illegal in Bandra besides the Muslim slums that is never seen illegal hawkers on Bandra Hill Road illegal parking  illegal shopping ,

Till date since the time late Mr Sunil Dutt used to come to the Bandra Bazar Road talking to the shopkeepers the vendors who have taken away the roads to sell vegetables fruits nothing has been done to get them space or cubicles as was done for the Dalit Cobblers .. and it is the sad faces of the Marathi bais men Marathi Manoos the migrant bhaiyyas selling vegetables and our local representatives who were born here irrespective of their parties have done nothing for them I am not an activist I am not part of any vigilante group but as a Bandraite it hits hard ,I can inundate the net with pictures but does it matter I have a set on Flickr called Bandra Bazar Road a documentary of over 10000 pictures that tells you of the dirtiest filthiest ugliest Municipal market in Mumbai.

Why should our MP from Worli have feelings for people like them she was a parachuted by the BJP..Luckily she did not suffer the fate of Ms Kiran Bedi because honestly the Bandra residents would vote for the Devil to get rid of the Congress ..
I have pictures of the 2009 elections I documented all the political parties and I felt sorry for Mr Mahesh Jethmalani..again parachuted by BJP and he lost miserably to Ms Priya Dutt ,,

We need a cogent effective opposition , constructive citizen journalism.. and doing Dharnas is not reaching out to the public or just being a whistle blower the public needs good governance and not a police that backs bookies and criminals and honestly Mumbai law order sucks and the CPS silence when his cops get caught with the hands in the cookie jar sucks all the more .. so they will ultimately change the CP but never change the corrupt system.

I leave it ..as this blog was about the ragpickers of Bandra Reclamation .. and I digressed because of the pain within me and seeing my part of old Bandra dying rapidly ..

This is a Requiem for Bandra and not Mumbai ,,