Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Man Is An Island Of Despondency And Despair

drunk out of his wits
clutching the last
vestige of his dreams
lying on the road
life death he hardly
cares he drank away
his monthly salary
when he wakes up
he will curse swear
beat up his wife
beat up his kids
his wifes clothes
he will tear curse
her for bringing
 bad luck he will pull
her hair more anger
as she pleads he will
bang her head on
the chair ..such is
life of a drunkard
with you i share
i once walked the
same path exorcised
the demon who held
me bound in chains
to my  nightmare
broke the manacles
that had me ensnared
without my families love
support i too would be
lying on the road a
drunkard but god
heard my wifes prayer
a new path a new dawn
for me he prepared
a broken fence of
blood sweat tears
he repaired ,,