Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Congress Mukt Bharat..

he gave a clarion call
which ultimately came true
congress mukt bharat
congress free india
15 years misrule ..
dividing the muslims
the hindus ..and a
PM who silently saw
it through the 84 riots
93 riots bomb blasts
disasters scam tainted
ministers criminals who
destroyed the soul of
mother india money
misused ..the public
taken for a ride .to
listen to them their
problems they
refused price hike
that affected all of us
me and you ..arrogant
motor mouth congress
spokesmen a motley
crew ..and in delhi
a huge tree fell with
such intensity
decimating lovely
dreams over their
heads the public flew
ak 67 wrote their
final epitaph.. here
rests the remains of
congress a zero ..
factor to imbue
reminding them that
power corrupts
absolute power
corrupts absolutely
how they lost they
still have no clue
arrogant even in
defeat they never
gave the delhi public
its due ..they got
badly screwed