Saturday, May 24, 2014

Once A Beggar Always A Beggar

It is very tough coming out , or breaking free of ones fate , specially i it is manacled chained to impoverishment and such is the destiny of a Muslim beggar .. rehabilitation might never come .. even the grave of a beggar is a mound of despair. It is more expensive to die than to live .

There are vultures two legged ones in the graveyard you have to keep lining their pockets ..we born after Independence are products of a very indestructible corrupt system.

But in spite of all this I want to die in India . and I have retested my family to give my flesh to Medicine my spirit died the day I stepped out in the muck from my mothers womb.

And these are stray thoughts and depressing ones when I joined Twitter in 2008 it was a nice quiet place , now it has become a markets of hate thanks to the various Trolls and the Twitter heads are happy the more the merrier I dont think this was what Biz Stone visualized Twitter is a morgue where the dead come alive
unwilling to go back to sleep.

But I pimp my blogs on Twitter , and I am apolitical and I have friends who add peace and calm to my Twitterworld.

When I joined Flickr it was being daily hit by  hate comments for being born a Shia and my bleeding pictures of Moharam made hate churn more .. luckily all that has stopped I removed all my Hijra pictures so the lewd porn like  comments stopped the stealing of my hijra pictures stopped completely lol .ha ha .

Flickr is my cyber home .. my lounge my getaway.. New Flickr is better than No Flickr .

Facebook I have once again taken a sabbatical my fourth one ..I use Google+ once again to pimp my Flickr blogs .

And the only one who pluses me is Sukhi Hontu without Sukhi I would be the only sane person in a lunatic asylum .The world at large is a lunatic asylum.. lol

And I dont Photoshop my images at all as I type fondle molest my keyboard with one finger including inappropriate touch..I use Aviary on my old color images and add the intensity at will to lighten or darken the pathos in my images the poetry comes naturally the prose makes me feel I am walking on crutches Fuck Syntax .

And photography .. well Fuck F Stops Too

Am I am happy re christened in timelessness as the eponymous beggar poet of mumbai..

Hey I use Tumblr too thanks to Ms Marissa Mayer ..if she deprecates Twitter and Facebook I am sure she will spare Tumblr lol a two billion dollar trophy in the Yahoo Hall Of Fame and Fortune