Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shoots Bandra Ganesha Workshops

This is not new for Marziya Shakir, who has been shooting the Ganesha workshops since the age of 2..and as I had some work at Linking Road she accompanied me on my our way back I bought her to Ketan and Kedars CJ Art Workshop .

Most of the artisans know Marziya Shakir very well.. and are very fond of her ..

Marziya Shakir is very comfortable shooting on the ligter Canon EOS 60D though she prefers the much heavier Canon EOS 7D .

So this is a set as a Thank you for an award to her by fellow Indiblogger Murtuza Ali

His message to me for Marziya Shakir


Dear Firoze Sir,

I really admire Marziya's (as well as yours) work, and hope and pray that her name soon enters the Guinness World Records as the youngest street photographer in the world :-)

As a small token of appreciation I have awarded you a Liebster. Collect it here:

I tried posting it at her blog but it seems that I don't have the necessary permission for it.

Murtaza Ali

Though we politely refused the Award we did suggest Murtuza to give it to a guy in Delhi who needs it more than her for promoting gunculture in India ..and who considers children shooting on professional cameras as something Silly.

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