Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh ! God ! Death is better than Despair

a family wife mother and child
nowhere to go ..
no work no dreams
just despair
living life as an eyesore
death to has shut her door
man and a deaf mute god at the core
get it over with once and for
all i swore
no adonai i can take it no more
after my death my wife
will walk the streets become a whore
my son begging at someone elses door
my mother motherless furthermore
my life a restless sea and no seashore
i am drenched with despair
in this downpour

This man had lost everything in the floods I was told at his hometown, he was a daily labourer, all was lost with just an ounce of faith left he had come to the Holy Shrines
to ask for some more...god who was locked within a trembling door.