Sunday, October 23, 2011

Allah is One Only His Followers Are Divided

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Sectarian curtains separate our creed
we are divided like fragmented
prayer beads we kill each other
the soul of Islam bleeds
One Allah
One Holy Messenger
One Holy Koran
we read
Muslims Love Killing Muslims
who pays heed
even Gods house
His Holly Saints
resting places
bombed destroyed
at full speed
human graves
among whispering reeds
an army of misplaced
martyrs power and greed
diving the soul of spirituality
the soul of humanity
there was no need
the unborn Muslim Child
is scared to come
into this world
he pleads
to be born
killed while his head
bowed in prayers
during Friday namaz
by a suicide bomber
in a stampede
its not just Muslims
but a killer machine
we have begun to breed

following the path of
destruction a path of terror
of accursed Yazid
searching for Hussain
to once again be freed