Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank You Indi Bloggers

Marziya kisses my hand if she is happy , and now she is very happy and the reason is I have just returned from the Indi Bloggers meet and one of the sponsors of the meet gave me some felt pens for Marziya he had seen her pictures on my Flickr blogs....

I wrote this on their forum just now ..

I have just returned from the Indi Bloggers meet at Hotel Sea Princess Juhu, it was one of the most fascinating creatively entertaining day I spent with my blogger friends , I thank Renie and his Team and Gul Panag the only Bollywood Siren with Beauty Brains and Wit.

I will soon be posting the pictures at my Flickr photo stream, I thank everyone who wrote on the placard on my back the inspiring comments and their love and concern.

And for young bloggers for having accepted this 58 year old blogger as their own,,

I firmly believe only the Blog can save the world from incessant hate and self destruct.

For me the Blog is the Life and the Resurrection...

I hope we have such meeting in the future too..

Thanks also to Indi Bloggers sponsors too..

I have just broken my fourth fast of Ramzan and pray for success peace for all of you..