Monday, May 31, 2010

Danger Man Holed Ahead

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I have been shooting sleep without sleep knowing that I have shot it in serene slumber in its human soul.

And in Mumbai everywhere you go you will find man deep in sleep even when he is awake and walking on two legs too.

Without being funny sleep is one of my subjects and I dont let sleeping dogs lie in peace either.

Near my work place is a booze joint , and denizens such as this find themselves on the wrong side of the gutter..

I guess I shoot them because I was an alcoholic too for a very long time, I drank but people did not know I was an alcoholic only my family knew it and a vile thinking part of me..And too deny this thought of not being an alcoholic I drank my way through life.

I dont think I fell in the gutter but the moment was not too far away, I got saved by my family just in time and photography and blogging became my alcoholic addiction as default.

The places I drank are now memories I pass them many a times and wonder if Firoze Shakir is really holed in there..

One of them is just across my work place and I have never walked in either.

The ones that added to my angst as boozer closed down Irani and Casbah.

Yacht was the all time alcoholics favorite.

I never liked Janta on Pali Road or Deepa at Hill Road.

But I knew all the watering holes even on dry days.

And some of my best drinking friends died untimely forwarding address either.

And I have to meet them sooner or a man asleep can trigger dark thoughts too at 5 am in the morning.