Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Meaning of Death and Sacrifice

I shot this a slow motion flow of emotions sparring of life v/s death, through Jimba a much loved goat of Bandra Bazar Road, I showed you a collage of painless sacrifice, Jimba was a symbol of the essence of Bakra Idd in its true sense, it was not about buying a goat getting it done over with, Jimba was raised as a human child, lost his animal attributes as he lived among kids.

Yes Jimba was a child as much as a child a child can be, in between I interrupted the flow of Death by showing you through links his bond with my grand daughter, I am not a butcher , I am a poet as we all are in one way or another..I showed a poem of life as it ends like all things have to end.

I would have not shot this if I had taken the normal route to my house ,mind you I walk barefeet and walking through blood flowing slums is not an easy thought too, I am a diabetic and my bravado is on leash..

As I write this I have already cut my bare feet shooting the Mahim I could have never known about Jimbas sacrifice, I was destined to shoot Jimba as I never mentioned till now that Jimba loved me dearly not just as Marziyas grand father but as a photographer and I am crying , because Jimba loved to be photographed , almost like any kid I shot..he stalked the red doors of my old shop, he knew I never scrounged, at least not as a photo blogger, as photo blogger I did not shoot pictures I shot text that you read smoothly as you would read a poem.,,

Yes blogging can be injurious and addictive too, but you cannot give if you have nothing to give, through the humility of my pictures I give you what God gave it is not vision Mr Bhupesh Little I am still amateur, all visionaries dont end up as street is reading life's musical notes and replaying them by ear here my chiildhood friend Dinshah Sanjana would truly agree.. I am not a musician but I lived with the finest at Jony Castle Wodehouse Road, they all touched me music touched the soul of Keith Kangas now silent guitar..strangely the one person who inspired me to shoot pictures like a musician was a shy reticent guitarist Neil Chattophdaya grandson of Harindranath Chattopadhya the veteran comic serious actor..

Yes this is Jimbas sacrifice I shot ...

And I understand Dr Glenn Losack MD s philosophy of life through pictures because we are both musicians at heart..

Photography is Music you either have it or dont..

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