Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Poem Hunter Junction

Poem Hunter Junction
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

at poem hunter junction
a secluded racist spot
they sit
firoze shakir poems
love poetry hate racism poems
hubcap shit head poems
lost in transit
like just hatched chicken babies
in a venomous snake pit
blocked banned
yet to get a clean chit
the few white racist poets
under this brown poets ass
a dynamite stick shaped like a dildo
they lit for his occupying
Top 500
Top 200
Top 100
Top 20
Top list
for this daredevilry
they show him their knuckle dusted fist
betty wants to strangle him
danny wants to piss on him
louisiana lass wants to lynch him
metamorphhh acidic groaning pain in the ass
wants to punish him
hog and flog him
a bowel shit on him
an arsewell fart on him
all poetic hate
of a collective antagonists
threatened by a blogger
a photographer
a wannabe bad poet
a story with a twist
accusing him of a hacker
a crasher of votes
these pompous pretentious
literary garbage filled anarchists
from poem hunter they had him dismissed
white mans hate sun kissed
mutually black brown and white
in a game of numbers
where reaching the top
is of prime importance
will never mutually co-exist
baying for his blood
at flickr
these hooligans
skin heads
white supremacist racists

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