Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Waters of Racist Hate

The Waters of Racist Hate
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I recieved the following message from Flickr Support I have the highest regard for their
decision and abide by it without any regrets, i may be deleted as a picture here at Flickr but Truth is already easily available on the Internet and can never be choked.
I took up photo blogging to share my world of pictures not to proselytize my religion or my beliefs on others..
I also took up photo blogging as a weapon against Racism, and I need not tell you that it is very powerful and has the greatest strength backed by a collective society of hate minded people..My case in all its humility, a fightthat was at Poem Hunter maded its way to Flickr.
People who treated me racially at Poem Hunter hacked my accounts , had me banned , now moved against me at Flickr, that they were Flick members I never knew, but they collectively placed blocks on me, without me ever visting their photo stream.
I still dont know their identities ,but yes racism , specially White Racism exists and is not a figment of my poetic mind proves it completely in my case.
I am a blogger in transit I will be judged by my actions and my posts will tell you that against my aggressors I habe nothing but words as my defence.
I am a poet of no consequence yet my rise at the top of the spire of poetic fame bought me more brick bats and racist punishment..

The message from Flickr Support

Hello, firoze shakir photographerno1!

This is an automatically generated copy of a warning we sent to your primary email address:

Hi firoze shakir photographerno1,

We've seen an unusual number of "blocks" against your
account. Also, we have deleted the kilt photo in which you
inappropriately called out another Flickr member.

In joining Flickr, you agreed to abide by the Terms of
Service and Community Guidelines. Specifically, you must
not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate
other Flickr members:

If we continue to see an unusual number of blocks against
your account, we will likely delete your account.


My reply sent to them by Yahoo Mail

From: "firoze shakir"
Subject: CASE 463563
Firstly I have had no problem with any Flickr member I reietrate, the few months that I have built my reputation painstakingly on Flickr, all my poems were replies to attack I recieved at the hands of a few racist members of Poem Hunter site who may be members of Flickr site..
I have never visited any members from my Flickr site to their site..
I have taken much racial abuse and if you keep alluding that I threaten intimidate Flickr members I feel you use these words harshly against me..Even now as I write this everyday at the Poem Hunter I am being thrashed poems written denigerating my character .
I think if people from this group keep blocking me and you take their version to admonish me than I too will have no alternative but to move out from Flickr..a move that would hurt me too as I have more than 14000 pictures posted here of a photo jornalistic nature.. showing a human world of pain and rituals and Hinduism which is my cultural inheritance.
I have from the day I joined Flickr leaving aside theThink Flickr Think poems or Bonk Flickr poem never deliberately maligned the management or Flickr members..I have nothing in my defence I have fought my opponents through my Blogs ...single handedly.
All my poems talk of Poem Hunter racist treatment meted out to me..but I have realised that Racism in a strange way makes the victim the aggressor..
If you unnecessarily knowing what I have been fighting for keep reminding me
"Specifically, you must
not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate
other Flickr members:"
Than it shocks me, and hurts me even the kilt picture as a poem was written against a Poemhunter member has racially continued to trouble me , and still does from the forum that is read by many bloggers and poets.I never in 50 years expected a member of a Scotts race to behave in such a degrading manner..

Tell me by posting any thing to hurt someone what could I gain..
I had to show my pain and my wounds..
If this does not convince you I have nothing to say.I thank you all the same.Merry Xmas
Firoze Shakir.

I will be posting this dialogue as a blog