Friday, October 26, 2007

Unite Against Racism

Unite Against Racism
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Venice Angel
I am not me
Thank you
Mighty One
For your Message
But your door is locked
And muted the silence
Of your door bell
Now you can be evermore
Sarcastic and say
Brown poet goes to hell
But I think
You are more human
More emotion sensitive
Than Ivan Donne Carsewell
Or the Poet of Racist Hate
Called Allen James Saywell
Yes forgive me
I was once the
White supremacist Racist whore
Under a devilish spell
To know the hate that white folks have
for colored folks
And how they revel
I killed her prematurely
Racism in Poetry
Poem Hunter Forum
I don’t need to tell
My fragmented genius
My pictorial poetic pathos
Truth in broken bad English
I give free I don’t need to sell
I could write this in my
Own language..
But translating my eunuch soul
In a mans body
A New Born Poet Rebel

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