Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lal Bagh Chya Raja Recovers Deleted Pictures

I shot the last day visarjan of the Ganeshas at Girgaum Chowpatty from 7pm till about 11.30 pm, I walked all the way from Girgaum Chowpatty to Chira Bazar shooting the various Ganeshas and I was in sheer pain as I had cut my feet walking barefoot a few days back to the pandal of Lal Bagh Chya Raja.
I was continuing with my Ramzan fast and in the morning I had wrapped my feet with cotton worn socks and shoes to shoot the Lal Bagh Chya Rajas journey out from his pandal, totally exhausted , dehyderated , but I wanted to share my pictures with all lovers of Lal Bagh Chya Raja.
When I left Chira Bazar for my parents home to stay the night over instead of going home to Bandra, I returned to Girgaum again at 4 am to shoot the last segment of Lal Bagh Chya Raja, but to my bad luck I was accosted by two Maharashtrian hooligans from Umerkhadi who caught me with my camera on the beach, and when they came to know I was a Muslim , it was hell, also I was wearing the Lal Bagh Chya Rajas cap.. that they objected took me to a Mumbai Police Inspector I showed him my Bandra Samachar card but he sided with the louts and had all my pictures deleted , and disheartened at this treatment I returned home in pain both of body and spirit.
Later I told Subash Solanki about the incident he advised me to send the sandisk card to him, and retrieved all my deleted pictures..
It hurts me with all my respect for the Mumbai police for their selfless work, long hours of duty, their selfless resolve to take care of law and order in terrorising times, not to be given a fair hearing because though I am a Muslim I am an Indian first and Ganesha is my cultural inheritance as much as a Hindus..
So I dedicate these pictures that had gone for good to Mee Mumbaikar spirit of Lal Bagh Chya Raja..I give back to him what I took from him.. his moments of glory and the lacs of people waiting for his darshan in the wee hours of the morning...