Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I try a lot to shoot what you all shoot

But accursed is the fate of my camera
languishing like a hungry dog it is beggars
the homeless scavengers searching for food
in the garbage is what my cosmic vision bears
fruit ,, I tried to shoot cloud birds airplanes
flowers chubby kids cute  bees butterflies
still life silently mute ,,but I must refute my
idiomatic passion such tasks failed to
comply or execute ,,soon after i have shot
the bleeding goats Ishmael's sacrifice to
god his only son as tribute i will be shooting
bleeding heads bleeding backs a camera
two daggers in my hands Shia fortitude '
remembering the ultimate sacrifice of Hussain
between good and evil an eternal feud ,.
Sadal Wida Hussaina .Wa Hasrata Hussains
Shame Hakim Laeen Ast ,,, our courage attitude