Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Man of Peace - Peer Sayed Masoom Ali Shah Baba Malang Madari Asqan

Syed Masoomi Baba head of the Asqan branch of the Dam Madar Malang has the longest dreadhead ..more than 20 feet , and the day they literally let down their hair on the main day of the Urus of Zinda Madar Shah at Makanpur Holy Shrine Syed Masoomi Baba stayed back at his asthana .. enclosure as he was not well and is in frail health he is over 80 years old , he has hip bone problem,. he is not active as he was about 10 years back.,. but he travels to Makanpur Ajmer accompanied by Syed Rafiq Baba his confidante and right hand malang .

They are always together ,at Ajmer or Makanpur the seat of their iconic Sufi order ..their dress code is black top black turban but a white lungi beneath.. a must.. I had a problem with a few malangs who objected to my wearing all black.. so I wear my tiger printed shalwar , but have also made a white shalwar for occasions when Malangs are felicitated by the head Khadims of Makanpur dargah.

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