Friday, March 27, 2015

Once A Street Photographer Always A Street Photographer

This ends a backlog I have another memory card to go...I have had a tiring week, a tiring day and I slept ..and this series are pictures in and around Bandra Bazar  Road close to where I stay and after using Facebook to be connected to my friend I finall shut it down I am not much into likes and pokes and hugs .

I guess I dont have the required time or patience to use Facebook but it is nice to get back to your friends I was out of Facebook for almost one year and now I dont know when I shall go back to the loony bin.

Well man must live with good memories only .. I enjoyed revisiting places that perhaps would have never visited on my own.. I feel emancipated in spirit .. now I have to get back to my work to my walking routine and getting back to controlling my blood sugar .

Ever since I began strenuously walking at MET I have no appetite and for last three days I have not gone for my daily walks ,, I will start again from tomorrow ,, people who dont have much money consider time their wealth .. and I am exhausted to say the least .

This morning I took Linda to Banganga and Babulnath Mandir dropped her at Lucky Hotel and came home .. she leaves late afternoon for Saudi Arabia .

And none of us want to change another persons style of shooting ... I am a point and shoot Canon photographer and I have no pretensions of another kind I am happy to shoot the way I shoot I hope never to change my attitude my style my rhythm and the humility of god given camera eye ,,

We see things but as individuals we see what we see differently I have had no formal training or school in photography and I am a school of photography for my 3 year old granddaughter Nerjis Asif Shakir who understands the moment and uses the camera to hold that moment in her childs grip.

Sometimes Nerjis makes me see things I would have never seen I now see it with her eyes ..she is gifted I was not gifted I merely parroted the working of my camera .. just shot what I intuitively and cosmically I had to shoot ,,and what my Canon refused to shoot I shot with my mobile phone.

The camera made me win friends and also lose friends and sadly every loss is regretful but we have to move with the flow we have to carry our own cross only Jesus can carry other peoples cross ..I cannot live your life and would never ask a sane God to give you my life ,, my life is full of  camera shake dreams bordering on a distorted circle of confusion..

And for some people shooting pictures  eases a pain for me it is blogging adding words were words were never meant to exist ..

And I shoot what others may not want to shoot for me Garbage is the beginning and the end the day I breathe my last I will be garbage too, I poeticize the pain of Garbage it speaks to me in a language of its own, it gives that language mellowed fragrance of a moment lost a moment gained .

And when I die ,, I hope  god does not stretch my life and if you see a burkha clad girl shooting Garbage you will know that Nerjis is exorcising the pain of her beggar poet grandfather shooting garbage to remind her take her back to the Bandra Bazar Garbage dump , the poetic memories , the catharsis and the holistic healing yes garbage heals those who shoot garbage ,, it does not heal those who stealthily throw garbage on the streets in the night or the wee hours of the mornings.

  Ok no more metaphors enough of it the man in the picture is a North Indian migrant buying old clothes he will bargain as much as the lady in the picture , say that the clothes are bad torn etc etc but he wants those clothes badly in exchange he will give her aluminium vessels or plastic buckets ,, making her believe that she earned a good item in return.. and the old clothes have been rid off ..

The North Indian migrant hawker will now go from house to house till all the items he has is given away and old clothes taken in exchange ..these old clothes he will sell at Chor Bazar the Great Indian  Thieves market to a big fat bargaining miserly second hands clothes dealer .

These clothes will now now be sorted , those torn will be darned , they will be washed ironed made new starched and will be finally sold on the Chor Bazar bylanes on Friday..the dealer has hawkers on his roll who work on commission  or daily wages .. so nothing goes waste  old jeans baggies become hifashion tights after they are narrowed , sarees , shirts blouses , even jeans that are in very bad shape are made into micro shorts for sexy girls.

And a simple picture becomes informative and adds to the lost moment bought back to life.