Thursday, February 26, 2015

For The Poor Man Death Is Better Than Dreams

Who is this man ?

He is a patient waiting for a bed  at Bhabha Hospital Bandra .. and he hopes somebody dies so he can inherit the bed for his treatment .

And like him drug addicts ragpickers lie outside the hospital with gangrene , gaping holes in the legs ..and terminal cases in the last stages ..

And who really cares sadly no Hindu Mother Theresa .. here the dying person whatever his religiosity would love to convert just to feel the healing touch of Faith.

You will never find a Tabbliki or a Jamati trying to help a sick man , first the will search for his skullcap.

And even the Shia or even the Sunni Maulana will never stop to give a healing touch to the dying man , everyone talks of Humility , but Humility is Dead it died when Mother Theresa died .. that she was famous was not her fault it was the dying destiny of the poor that made he famous and today she is being targeted by Hon Saint of The Hindus Mr Mohan Bhagwat ,, how many poor destitute and dying has he helped or healed.

Even the Christian priest ensconced in the Church will never dirty his American Express laundered cassock to stop pick up the man lying outside the Church,,

Even the nuns at Holy Family Hospital will snatch money from the dying man before he leaves his hospital bed ,,

And this is Religion of the people by the people for the People ,, democratically delusional.

And this is life even outside the Parsi Agiary ,, no I  wont say anything further I have great equation with Hindus Sunnis and Parsis I am a Shia but this world has no COMPASSION ,,

Compassion died the day Mother Theresa died ..

And now they are searching for the Devils Advocate .