Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shooting The Naga Sadhus ,,And trying to Avoid Frontal Nudity Was Just Not Possible ..

And it is Flickr that has this issue , but than how does one explain to them that this part of the Naga Sadhu culture ..

So in keeping with Flickr terms and guidelines most of my pictures of the Maha Kumbh had to be moderated they are only view-able to Flickr members.

And my subject was the Maha Kumbh and the Naga Sadhus , I began my day waling barefeet in winter , meeting the Naga Babas talking to them , listening to them , and taking their permission before shooting them.

As a photojournalist blogger I was documenting their lifestyle , I shot penile yoga ling kriya..

I stayed with my Naga Guru , every morning his disciple made hot water for me to bathe , and than came tea , food was always at Sector 4 at Juna Akhada . pure satvik food.

But there were times when my Naga Guru , was busy with meetings I would walk away to the banks by myself shoot the barbers sadhus and it was one such trip I saw the Hijras taking the dip in the Sangam.. I did not hesitate I shot them.

The saddest part were the poor at the Maha Kumbh ..I gave them money , sometimes they invited to eat food with them and it was a humble experience.

I dont write notes  I simply shoot I met Chandraswamiji and many Naga heads.

It was just a few that knew me as a Malang or a Shia Muslim.

For me this was not about just religion , but this was culture a way of life and as a photographer if I did not shoot this ,,than I would have to re learn photography all over again..

For me because I lived with the Naga Sadhus it was easy , I could shoot without reservation , but time was short and because of my work had to come back to Mumbai.

I shot over 3500 images ,, and these are color images I am tweaking to monochrome adding text .. reliving it all over again.

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....